Apply KK968 for rebuild swimming pool?

Work Method:

  1. Hack and remove all the tiles from the swimming pool. Then, clean the entire surface by using high pressure water gun.
  2. Apply a layer of KK233 (Diluted by water in ratio 1:1) as penetration on the surface of concrete in order to enhance its surface and provide a better adhesion.
  3. Apply a layer of KK233 (Original) as undercoat on the surface of concrete.
  4. After that, apply the few layers of KK968 in order to achieve the accumulated thickness of 1 mm approximately on the vertical side walls and 2mm approximately on the horizontal ground flooring.
  5. Strictly allow the total curing of KK968 for minimum 48 hours before water testing.
× The above method is only for suggestion, please refer to professional or contact us for any others inquiries.

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