KK918 for balcony (water leaking) ?

Work Method:

  1. Hack and remove all the tiles from the balcony. Then, clean the entire surface by using high pressure water gun.
  2. Apply a layer of KK233 (Diluted by water in ratio 1:1) as penetration on the surface of concrete in order to enhance its surface and provide a better adhesion.
  3. Apply a layer of KK233 (Original) as undercoat on the surface of concrete.
  4. After that, apply the few layers of KK918 in order to achieve the accumulated thickness of 0.3 mm approximately on the floor.
  5. Strictly allow the total curing of KK918 for minimum 48 hours before water testing.
× The above method is only for suggestion, please refer to professional or contact us for any others inquiries.

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