After 50 matches of this 2019 NCAA tournament, the streak is over. There aren’t any brackets.
The briefly famous”centre street” bracket, which had accurately predicted the first 49 games of March Madness, suffered its first loss at the next match of the Sweet 16 when 3-seed Purdue beat 2-seed Tennessee in overtime.
The mount was entered within our Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge match by 40-year-old neuropsychologist Gregg Nigl, who wasn’t even aware of the record-breaking series until called him Monday, after the second round of this tournament.
Check out our entire interview with Nigl here.
Earlier this past year, the longest we’d ever seen a mount go unblemished was 39 straight matches, which occurred in 2017 (we explain why we’re so sure of the amount below). Nigl’s”centre road” bracket shattered this record.

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