Is CBD Legal in Greece?

Drug laws and regulations in Greece

Cannabis in Greece is unlawful for recreational purposes, however if control of a amount that is small discovered become for individual usage, it really is decriminalized in court. People are arrested, although hardly ever convicted by court.

Health Cannabis in Greece.

In June 2017, Greece joined up with the menu of nations where cannabis is appropriate for healing usage. The Greek federal government approved a ministerial decree that legalizes the importation and trade of cannabis-based pharmaceutical services and products on advice through the Greek Ministry of wellness.

Cannabis will be downgraded from the Table the up to a Table B substance (roughly the same as a Class the to Class B change within the UK) under Greece’s regulatory framework. Effectively, what this means is cannabis may be recognised as being a medication who has accepted medical use within the treating particular conditions.

In March 2018, the Greek Parliament approved law authorizing the cultivation and production of medical cannabis in Greece.

Hemp laws in Greece

Industrial hemp had been prohibited in Greece in from 1957. 60 years later on after the alterations in policy regarding medicinal cannabis, Greek producers are actually absolve to grow kinds of cannabis contained in an inventory considered appropriate because of the eu that have a THC content less than 0.2 per cent.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Greece?

CBD oil is appropriate in Greece if it includes less that 0.2% THC. Considering that the alterations in regulation It’s totally appropriate to develop commercial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L or hemp) and its particular by services and products.

In line with the drug rule and narcotics law, hemp is excluded through the selection of controlled medications.

Only the following are exempted from the conditions of the Act:

(a) the types of commercial cannabis placed in Annex II to Regulation (EU) No 796/2004 plus the present EU legislation in addition to types of commercial cannabis fulfilling the requirements of Article 39 legislation (EC) 73/2009 plus the then present EU legislation.

the conditions for growing, harvesting, processing and disposal of appropriate commercial hemp varieties at the mercy of regulatory management device As control and ministries.

(b) services and products of cannabis varieties by having a low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. In specific, for drink and food, along with legal licenses and certificates (where required), a test report is needed to quantify this content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) within the product. The assessment report is granted either by an authorized laboratory in the united kingdom of origin associated with the item in case it is brought in from an EU Member State or by way of a Greek authorized laboratory if it comes down from indigenous plants or perhaps is brought cbd oil for sale in from the non-EU nation.

The trade names among these services and products (possibly linked to the term ‘hemp’) and / or the display of component or most of the cannabis plant within their packaging and their marketing usually do not subscribe to the spread of drug usage ‘. (google interpretation)


CBD Oil European Countries

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