Make no mistake about it — Cris Cyborg is the most dominant female fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. Novice fans of the game will argue that Ronda Rousey is the ideal female to ever compete in the game, but a simple glance at their records demonstrates that Rousey has some significant work to do when she wants to capture Cyborg.
With a career that has been clouded by a PED controversy and using a big-time fight from the world’s top MMA promotion eluding her up before 2016, the 32-year-old Brazilian eventually surfaced at the UFC in UFC 198 at Curitiba, Brazil. She shot on Leslie Smith in a 140-pound catchweight fight that she won within the first two minutes.
For her second bout in the UFC, Cyborg took on Lina”Elbow Princess” Lansberg at Brasilia, Brazil. As a huge -1200 favored, Cyborg took Lansberg out at the next round, winning by TKO.
With a career record of 20-1 with a no contest after she tested positive for a PED in 2011, all but two of her successes were completed by knockout or technical knockout. The barbarous striker had 12 straight T/KO wins and ended six of her previous nine fights in the first round until Holly Holm managed to go the distance.

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