A. Directions: Most of the common leaking phenomenon that we encountered in the toilet is from toilet’s floor, wall, drainage hole, water pipes and so on. It could be costly to fix the problem with traditional method. However, KINGKOTE KK988 could easily solve this problem without breaking any part of your toilet.

B: Countermeasure: In accordance with the following construction methods could easily solving your problem.

  1. Clean up the entire application surface and stop using the toilet for two days.
  2. Repair the damaged surface by applying diluted KINGKOTE KK233 original and water in the ratio of 3:1 mixed with cement, and then fill up on the joint of tiles.
  3. Fully coating by applying KINGKOTE KK988 after the cement got dried. After that, dunk about 2 minutes and then the excess coating can recycling and apply again next time.

Related coating:


  • KINGKOTE KK233 was effectively enhancing the strength and adhesion of the cement.
  • KINGKOTE KK988 permeability had superior penetration capability. Moreover, it had fully exerted the waterproofing function.

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