First of all, concrete lack of solid is main factor that caused water leaks into the balcony. Secondly, the upper grey sand concrete loose will cause the balcony angle head leaking. KINGKOTE waterproof coating products have multiple of choices that could cope with strange diseases.

Old and new joint leaks:

A. Directions: Normally, old and new joint are fragile and the leaking problem often occurs in the corner.

B. Countermeasure: In accordance with the following construction methods could easily solving your problem.

  1. Interface of weathered cracked need to handle properly.
  2. Debris such as plastic or clay objects must be removed.
  3. Clean up the surface and reduce dust to cover on.
  4. Apply one layer of KINGKOTE KK233 as a primer, for waterproofing method use permeable interface to enhance the strength of the balcony.
  5. Apply 4 layers of KINGKOTE KK918 on interface (thickness is about 0.8mm approximately).


  • KINGKOTE KK233 was effectively enhancing the strength and adhesion of cement.
  • KINGKOTE KK918 elastic emulsion polymer mortar had exerted waterproof function effectively.

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