A. Directions: Metallic surface long-term expose under the sun and rain is easy to generate surface oxidation rust and other issues. Apart from this, the screw nailed firmness turn weak because of the heat expansion and contraction caused the roof leaked on raining day. KINGKOTE KK699 heat insulation coating could solve this problem.

B. Countermeasure: In accordance with the following construction methods could be easily solving your problem.

  1. Corrugated loose parts must be fixed.
  2. Debris such as plastic or clay objects must be removed.
  3. Clean up the surface. (Apply antirust coating if necessary)
  4. Apply 1 layer of KINGKOTE KK233 as primer.
  5. Apply 2 layers of KINGKOTE KK699 heat insulation waterproofing coating (Thickness is about 0.4mm approximately)
  6. Lastly, apply 1 layer of KINGKOTE KK833 UV protection enhanced coating.

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  • KINGKOTE KK233 was effectively enhancing the strength of the roof. At the same time, the roof had become more firm and secure. Also, the roof had a basic of water repellent effect and it solved the leaking issue.
  • KINGKOTE KK699 had heat insulation and reflection effect apparently. The outdoor temperature has been dispersed.
  • KINGKOTE KK833 UV protection function enhanced the ability of the coating surface resistance to stain. Moreover, the surface becomes smooth and makes the roof seems clean and shinier.

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