A. Directions: Screw locked metal roof often encountered leaking problem, screw loose and so on. KINGKOTE waterproof coating products have multiple of choices that could cope with strange diseases.

B. Countermeasure:

  1. Clean up the old screws, silicon and other debris.
  2. Must lock up the loose screws and apply antirust to clean up the surface.
  3. Joint part must be dense tightly.
  4. Apply KINGKOTE KK233 original at leaking parts.
  5. After the KK233 is dried, then apply KINGKOTE KK968 at leaking parts again. Cover up KINGKOTE FN (fiber netting) on top afterwards. Lastly, apply at least 3 layers of KINGKOTE KK968 again (Thickness is about 0.5mm approximately).
  6. In the end, apply one layer of KINGKOTE KK833 as UV protection.

Related coating and others material:


  • KINGKOTE FN (fiber netting) is soft and easy for construction. It can be enclose with different type of objects
  • KINGKOTE KK233 has an excellent adhesion originally. It helps fiber netting easily to stick properly with iron surface and sand surface materials (solid wood surface). Besides that, it is difficult to weathering.
  • KINGKOTE KK968 high elastic waterproofing coating could stand with bad climate and maintaining excellent adhesion effect.
  • KINGKOTE KK833 UV protection function enhanced the ability of the coating surface resistance to stain. Moreover, the surface becomes smooth and makes the roof seems clean and shinier.

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