A. Directions: Screw locked metal roof often encountered leaking problem, screw loose and so on. KINGKOTE waterproof coating products have multiple of choices that could cope with strange diseases. B. Countermeasure: Clean up the old screws, silicon and other debris. … Continued

Various types of roof tiles’ surface are normally coated with a layer of uranium. The usage of uranium is to reduce the degree of weathering of roof tiles. Once the uranium performs failure, the tiles will begin to weathering. During … Continued

First of all, concrete lack of solid is main factor that caused water leaks into the balcony. Secondly, the upper grey sand concrete loose will cause the balcony angle head leaking. KINGKOTE waterproof coating products have multiple of choices that … Continued

A. Directions: Most of the common leaking phenomenon that we encountered in the toilet is from toilet’s floor, wall, drainage hole, water pipes and so on. It could be costly to fix the problem with traditional method. However, KINGKOTE KK988 could … Continued

A. Directions: Metallic surface long-term expose under the sun and rain is easy to generate surface oxidation rust and other issues. Apart from this, the screw nailed firmness turn weak because of the heat expansion and contraction caused the roof … Continued

A. Directions: Generally, the walls of building expose under hot weather will cause the heat invade into the walls. Therefore, in the case of the walls could not radiating and it cause the air-condition reduce indoor temperature. B. In the evening, … Continued

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